It all started when…


13 years old Justine struggled with anorexia nervosa, bulimia and body dysmorphia. Yes, you can guess; life was a total wreck at this time. When my whole world was falling apart; grades, friends, self-esteem, health and family, I realized that something needed to change- and that was when I realized I needed to take care of myself and realize my worth.

That’s when I jumped across fitness and health; I wanted to be the creator of my body whilst still having outstanding health. So, without any car and/or access to a gym, my little self biked her way up to the closest Canadian Tire (very Canadian lol) store and bought some 15 & 25 pounds dumbbells, put them in my backpack and biked my way back home- WHEW! I trained every single night in my living room for two years, researched on nutrition and training every single day, took body building classes, tried and failed… and I loved it so much- I still do!

Fast forward to today, where I am aiming to motivate, teach, inspire and help girls all around the world on how to LOVE themselves unconditionally. This means; regardless of the number on the scale, the calories you eat, what people might think of you, how many times you train, if you go to the gym or not… The ONE most important thing EVER; is YOU. It’s your happiness. It’s the feeling of being at home in your body and embracing every single present day we’re given. It’s having the courage of taking over any frighting challenge life hands us, because we bloody KNOW we’re capable of it. That’s the most freeing and amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my own life- and guess what? I can make you feel it too.

And now, this has become my favorite feeling ever!

Thank you for that!

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