Terms & Policies



First come, first served! Please understand that I am trying my best to train, coach and guide all of you, by still keeping my work top notch. This means that I will sometimes be limited in the number of clients I will be able to have under my arms.

  • For training sessions:

-Please reserve your spot at least one week in advance; the sooner you book, the more possibilities you’ll have!

  • For all training bundle that includes coaching or mandatory trainings rendez-vous weekly:

-All training sessions must ideally be scheduled before the first training session ex: every Monday, 3 PM.

-If there is/are any changes in your availability, please contact me as soon as possible to try to make it fit into another window. Your place won’t be assured in the said week, but I’ll try my best to fit you in. Any change that doesn’t fit my schedule will simply be reported the next week and so on.


There are no cancellation or refunds possible once any program or coaching service has been purchased after a 24h window.

There are no cancellation or refunds possible for any bought e-book or guides.

You are strictly forbidden from sharing, selling or reproducing any e-book or downloadable guide you bought from justinesalette.com.

You have the entire responsibility to properly download your guides/e-books inside your 24h time frame allowed.

  • For training appointments cancellations:

Any training rendez vous cancellation made minor to 24 hours will be charged. If you want to cancel your rendez vous, please contact me before so you won’t lose your training session with me!

  • 2. For training appointments cancellations made by ME:

If ever I happen to have an emergency or am exceptionally unavailable to keep your training rendez-vous in my schedule; I’ll let you know as soon as possible! Don’t worry, your training won’t be lost, only reported to my next availability that will fit in your schedule. Thank you for understanding!


For coaching clients, all check-ins must be made at the same day of the week, ideally, weekly. This process allows me to evaluate your condition, progress and make nutrition and training tweaks here & there if needed. Please make sure to provide:

Progress pictures in a neutral state (side, front, back; in briefs & sports bra or bathing suit), your measurements (hip, waist, thighs) weight* and a resumé of your week in how you felt, how you slept, trained, ate and share me any thoughts you would like me to know! The more details, the better I can understand and help.


coaching clients will have included conference calls sessions weekly (30-45 minutes). Please let me know of your date and time availabilities for the upcoming week so I can plan my schedule. Any cancellations will simply be reported to our next nearest availability.


Coming soon!


All clients must have filled the health forms and agreed to the disclaimer in order to proceed with my training & nutritional, motivational guidance. All clients should consult a health professional before taking over a new diet or training plan.